Friday, 4 December 2015

A suggestion for a new Olympic sport .....

..... so all this week I've been thinking I'm going to contact the International Olympic Committee to suggest an entry for the 2016 Olympics ..... toddler nappy changing!!!  This past week has proven to me that this particular challenge requires agility, involves some wrestling, a great deal of weight lifting (approx one and a half stone), persistence and determination .....  all of which are qualities required of elite athletes.

This new stage of being a toddler in my daughter's life brings many joys as she experiments with her new found mobility and explores the world around her.  But it's not without it's challenges ..... some of her favourite haunts are bins, fireplaces, showers, drawers and toilets; it's a pity her mother always seems to interrupt these adventures!

It's December; Christmas is coming .....
Even though Christmas merchandise has been in local stores since September, the Christmas season is now officially upon us.  Although a busy time of year, it can be lots of fun, especially for little people!  And of course the big question I've been asked lots over the past two weeks is "What's your little one getting for Christmas?".  It's provoked my husband and I to consider what gifts we'll buy for her.  And then, of course, to question how much to spend?  Where is the line between celebrating and spoiling?  I came across a little post this week which I found interesting and thought I'd share it with you all.

Whether in agreement or not, it's certainly food for thought!  What do you make of it?

Cheerio for now
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