Monday, 28 December 2015

Missing breastfeeding

My little lady is now 15 months. I breastfed until she was just over a year. After an extremely difficult first week, where I was tempted to give up but 
if I'm honest stubbornness and pride drove me to continue I persisted. After that I generally had a pretty good run at it. I had a plentiful supply of milk. The baby was hungry. I never had mastitis or thrush. I had a blocked duct once, which resolved after 24 hours of heat and massage.

I know that nostalgia can add a rose tint to anything. But this week I've really been missing breast feeding. I was a bit emotional about it all at around 11 months, when considering how long to breastfeed for. After much careful consideration and observation, I decided to stop just after a year and this worked well, both both baby and I. This past week my daughter has had "extreme teething" and a horrible viral dose of hand/foot/mouth (some areas of skin were so bad antibiotics were required). These two things in such a short space of time have really prompted some sort of grief for not being able to comfort her in this special way, by "putting her on". Of course I've been able to do other things such as hugging, holding, singing etc but it's just not the same!

Has anyone else ever felt like this?

Now that we've moved on from the breast-feeding groups, there doesn't seem to be a natural forum to reflect on the end of this phase of our lives, and to acknowledge that loss. 

I'd love to know if anyone else has had a similar experience? And as I reflect, I think of the warmest, happiest breast feeds. Mine was when dd's first smile came just after a feed. Can you remember yours?

Hoping to hear if others miss breastfeeding, how they cope with this and lots of happy stories!

Cheerio for now
first time mammy

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

An experiment in "fun" exercise .....

So I discovered a new form of torture exercise this week .....

Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for a healthy, active lifestyle, and just importantly a healthy attitude towards exercise.  But this was just pain.  Pain from start to finish!  I went to my first fitness class at an indoor trampoline park.  It had all the usual; warm up, full work-out and then a cool down.  The instructor gave great encouragement and motivation throughout.  Individual encouragement and motivation ..... I was the only one who turned up!!!  Twenty minutes into the one hour class, I felt like I had been skiing for eight hours; my quads were on fire!

Will I go back? Most likely.  Two days later and I definately feel like I've worked out.  It was much easier on my joints than running, and a lot more "fun" than hitting the gym.  A gym-bunny I am not.  I like exercise involving an activity e.g. boxercise, dancercise etc and I like exercise to be social.  So I'll probably head back next week to trampoline fitness ..... here's hoping I'm not the only one ..... my quads couldn't bear that again!

What's your favourite exercise?  Anything you recommend, especially for these cold winter months?

Cheerio for now
first time mammy

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Erin Condren 2016 Life Planner unboxing and first impressions - including link to $10 off your first order :)

It's here!  After much deliberating which diary to buy for next year, and hours quite a lot of time looking at pretty stationary online, my gorgeous Erin Condren 2016 Life Planner has arrived!  Even the box it arrived in is pretty!

After looking at many options, such as Filofax and family calenders, I opted for the Erin Condren Life Planner.  The possibility of collating all the day-to-day tasks, future appointments, meal-planning, shopping lists, other musings and general notes appealed to me.  It even has a double sided wallet for storing paperwork e.g. appointment letters.  Ready to ship covers are available, or some designs can be personalised with your name, initials or family name.

Erin Condren products famously arrive carefully packed, to keep your order safe during shipping.  Each order is wrapped with jumbo bubble wrap.

Whilst it's not stated on their website, each first customer order includes some stationary freebies:
  • Cellophane wallet with stickers and a voucher for $10 off your next purchase :)
  • Postcard with motivational quote
  • Sticker with a saying

In this order I purchased:
  • 2016 Life planner - Watercolor palette cover, vertical layout
  • Elastic bands - Sherbet 
  • Pack of 6 markers - Fleur feliz
My initial impressions of the life planner are positive.  I live too far from their stores to have viewed one in person, so based this purchase upon their website information and pictures.  The spiral coil appears sturdy and of good quality.  The cover appears robust and fit for purpose.  The front and back cover can be popped on and off.  So if you fancy a different design during the year, you can order another set!  The paper doesn't feel like it will tear easily.  I've yet to use the markers and elastic bands, but will keep you posted on how they fare!

A few pics inside the front cover .....

Each month begins with a motivational quote.  This acts as a bookmark, as it has a laminated tab with the name of the month.  This is followed by an overview of the month spread across two pages, which includes a sidebar titled "Goals".

Then it's straight into the month.  The main feature is each of the seven days of the week, which have three vertical boxes.  I plan to use mine for morning, afternoon and evening.  But the headings of each box have been left blank for your own use e.g. work, home, kids etc  There are also some lined areas for notes.  Each month ends with a full lined page.

And that's the months sections of the Life Planner!  At the back there are some extras:
  • Pages of paper - lined, graph and blank
  • Stickers - two sheets of pre-printed (e.g. birthday, dentist) and two sheets of blank stickers
  • Two sided wallet for storing paperwork.  This comes with a Perpetual Calender (calender for entering recurring events e.g. birthdays, anniversaries
  • And finally, a clear plastic pouch which can be sealed.  This comes full of more lovely Erin Condren goodies...!  These include extra stickers, compliment cards, coil clip and friend invites.

I can't wait to start using my new Life Planner in January.  Watch out for a further review and would I we-purchase? blog in 2016!  If you want to get your hands on one of these planners, check out the website.  It comes in a vertical layout, hourly layout (like vertical but broken into hourly timeslots) and traditional horizontal diary format.  To get $10 credit, just follow this link -

Referral Link :

Erin condren also do other accessories and stationary bits ..... and they're all so pretty ..... oh, how to resist the temptation?!!

Cheerio for now
first time mammy

All opinions expressed in this blog are my own.  I purchased all items featured and have not been paid for this blog.

Friday, 4 December 2015

A suggestion for a new Olympic sport .....

..... so all this week I've been thinking I'm going to contact the International Olympic Committee to suggest an entry for the 2016 Olympics ..... toddler nappy changing!!!  This past week has proven to me that this particular challenge requires agility, involves some wrestling, a great deal of weight lifting (approx one and a half stone), persistence and determination .....  all of which are qualities required of elite athletes.

This new stage of being a toddler in my daughter's life brings many joys as she experiments with her new found mobility and explores the world around her.  But it's not without it's challenges ..... some of her favourite haunts are bins, fireplaces, showers, drawers and toilets; it's a pity her mother always seems to interrupt these adventures!

It's December; Christmas is coming .....
Even though Christmas merchandise has been in local stores since September, the Christmas season is now officially upon us.  Although a busy time of year, it can be lots of fun, especially for little people!  And of course the big question I've been asked lots over the past two weeks is "What's your little one getting for Christmas?".  It's provoked my husband and I to consider what gifts we'll buy for her.  And then, of course, to question how much to spend?  Where is the line between celebrating and spoiling?  I came across a little post this week which I found interesting and thought I'd share it with you all.

Whether in agreement or not, it's certainly food for thought!  What do you make of it?

Cheerio for now
first time mammy