Monday, 16 November 2015

So here it is ..... the first blog post!

Welcome to my little corner of blogger!

I became a  mum for the first time in 2014.  My now (almost a) toddler is 14 months and taking her first steps.  Exciting times in our house!  

This little blog is a place to share some of what I've learnt along the way, what I wish I knew before the baby arrived, some advice to other first time parents, the occasional product review and who-knows-what-other-adventures that come with raising a little person! 

Today my focus is something like this:

Would someone mind telling my 14 month old..... 
  • Don't furniture walk around the toilet!
  • Don't drink the bleach (said bleach is now safely locked away!)
  • Get out of the TV cables you're playing in
  • Don't put the lip balm, 'phone, pen etc into the coal bucket ... note to parents -  if ANYTHING is lost; check the coal bucket!
  • It's not helpful when you fill your nappy just as you go to sleep!!!  This involves the changing of a nappy and starting the going-to-bed process all over again!
  • Climbing into the basket of your travel system might be fun for you, but it's not particularly safe, especially when the brakes aren't on!
  • Don't undo the buckles of the harness on your highchair.  Please.  Just don't!
  • Oh, and ..... Mammy loves you, all the way to the moon and back! :)
Cheerio for now
first time mammy

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  1. The golden rule about blogging is that very few people will read your blog and fewer still will comment on it. You should be able to find out how many hits (visitors) you have had in the last day, week and month. If you get 10 a week you will have done well. I get up to 2,000 a day but I'm a special case!