Monday, 25 January 2016

Finding jelly in the changing station and other sure signs your baby is now a toddler!


So last week when reaching into a shelf for a new packet of wipes I found myself grabbing an unfamiliar packet.  On further inspection, I was relieved to discover this unidentified squishy object was an unopened packet of jelly! And then it hit me ..... our baby was now officially a toddler!

As an only child (so far!) our little one is still referred to as "the baby" by older cousins and children at playdates.  Then our baby started to pull herself up to stand by the sofa.  Then she started to sidestep along the sofa and similarly sizes windowsills.  Then she tentatively attempted one little step towards Mummy and Daddy.  One step became two.  Two steps became three.  Each development meticulously recorded in the baby book and camcorder, by parents of a precious first born.

And then last week I found jelly in the changing station!  At sixteen months, our daughter has mastered walking and is now running!  Her little hands can reach as high as her determination will let her and nothing is safe!  Having accepted our baby is now a toddler, here were some of the telltale signs we saw .....
  • Low level shelves and tables are now empty.  They did have things on them.  Notepads, pens, 'phones; just the household fayre.  And then little fingers could reach them, and press buttons on the phone (there were the 'phonecalls to 999, but that's a whole 'nother blog post!).  Little hands could reach these things, put them into a little mouth, run with nice sharp pencils, lift expensive or sentimental ornaments.  Low level shelves and tables are now empty.
  • The bathroom door is always shut.  I've discovered my darling daughter has a penchent for dropping things to hear what sound they'll make when they reach the nearest surface.  And objects falling into water gives her particular delight!  The toilet has had many a bottle of shampoo, pen, bathtoy dropped into it.  These objects are not left in our daughter's reach, I hasten to add.  But somehow little fingers seem to reach into and upto higher than I'd ever expect! The bathroom door is always shut.
  • The remote controls are stored out of sight on the highest shelf available.  For my daugher can now reach where they used to be kept.  She can switch on the DVD player.  She can press play.  She can even adjust the volume! The remove controls are stored out of sight on the highest shelf available.  
If this is the mischief she's up to at sixteen months, what excitement will the next six months bring?!!! What adventures has your little one had, exploring the world with their new found mobility and independence?

Cheerio for now
first time mammy

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